Foundation slab Building shell Iron/cable in roof space

Construction quality

(Site management and building inspection carried out by the owner)


The aim was to successfully obtain Swiss SIA (Swiss Association of Architects and Engineers) standards. Biological building materials from Switzerland were included where possible.

The structural engineering and physics meet the Swiss SIA standards, stable enough to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale!

  • The house it situated on a reinforced and insulated concrete foundation slab.
  • Vapour diffusion (extension of the outside walls) in accordance with SIA meaning the house stays dry all year round!
  • Insulation made of biological materials taking into account the local temperatures and humidity.
  • Interior painted with biological lime paints, exterior with biological silicate paints.
  • All wood painted with non-toxic biological paints
  • The automatic air conditioning controls the heating + drying + cooling
  • Sliding windows and doors made with top quality aluminium frames and double glazing; special glass conservatory windows!
  • Electrical installation in accordance with SIA. 220 V and 380 V for building machinery!
  • Own groundwater with well and tank. EU drinking water quality tested!
  • Local water available from the street, connection to the house possible!
  • Sewer system connection to the house which has been working smoothly for years!
  • Rainwater is gathered in gutters around the house and collected in a garden tank to keep the foundations dry!